Our Story

What makes us different?

Great style isn't about having a lot of clothes.

At Wildflower.co, our designs are focused on giving you the power to create a myriad of styles without being forced to choose fast-fashion.

One piece, every occasion.

Our Infinity Series

On Sustainability

Why we chose TENCEL™ Lycocell:

We are dedicated to a greener environment and a happier Mother Earth. Our sustainablility efforts root back to the very beginning of our supply chain, where we partner with sustainable textile factories to create our pieces.

TENCEL™ branded fibers offer mainly:

1) A closed loop production process which transforms wood pulp into TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers with high resource efficiency and low ecological impact.

2) It is biodegradable/compostable, which means that our clothes can fully revert back to nature.

For more info on TENCEL™.

Ethical Production; Ethical Consumerism

At Wildflower.co, we take pride in our ethical production chain - sourcing, production, packaging and delivery - to give our consumers a peace of mind.

We are proud to assure you that:

1. Wildflower.co conducts a series of checks to ensure a consistent quality control.

2. There is no use of child labour.

3. All production workers work in a clean and safe workplace environment.

4. All production workers are given a fair salary.

5. All our pieces are made with lyocell and modal fibers from TENCEL™ ; known for its breathability and soft textures.

Biodegradable Mailers

All our products will be mailed in our 100% biodegradable packaging.

This means that they are compostable and they do not stick around in landfills for hundreds of years!

Our Goal

In our first collection, we adopted a produce-to-order concept.

However, in subsequent launches, we hope to achieve 2 things:

1) Move towards a back order / make-to-order model.

2) Make use of remnants from main cuttings to further reduce wastage in production chain.